About the project


Plans to create a network of 15 world-class scientific and educational centers were previously reflected in the May decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin and are one of the tasks of the national project "Science".

According to the goals of the Nauka national project, in 2024 Russia should be among the five leading countries in the world that carry out research and development in areas determined by the priorities of scientific and technological development.

Attractive conditions should be created for working in the Russian Federation by Russian and foreign leading scientists, as well as young promising researchers; increased internal research and development costs

A world-class scientific and educational center (NOC) is a union supported by a constituent entity of the Russian Federation without forming a legal entity of federal state educational institutions of higher education and (or) scientific organizations with organizations operating in the real sector of the economy and operating in accordance with the program of the center.


The project office provides consulting and methodological support to the initiators of the creation and participants of the NOC on the preparation of applications for participation in the competitive selection, implementation of the NOC activities programs, conducts an examination of NOC activities programs and documents as part of the competitive selection, reviews annual reports on the results of activities.