Interregional scientific and educational center of the world level "MoreAgroBioTech"

The contact person
Chuklin Aleksey Aleksandrovich
ANO "Moreagrobioteh"
Center Presentation
Initiator of creation
Federal city Sevastopol and the Republic of Crimea
Interregional scientific and educational center of the world level "MoreAgroBioTech"
The list of activities
    • Development and transfer of technologies for innovative shipbuilding, digital navigation and development of the resources of the World Ocean
    • Development and transfer of agrobiotechnology
    • Development and transfer of biomedical technologies
    • Development of human capital with high added value for the Marinet, Foodnet, Healthnet markets and related high-tech markets

Center members:

1. Educational organizations of higher education
  • FSAEI HE "Sevastopol State University"
  • FSBEI HE "Baltic State Technical University" VOENMEKH "named after D.F. Ustinova
  • FSBEI HE "St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University"
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • FGAOU HE "Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University"
  • FGAOU VO "Vernadsky Crimean Federal University"
  • FGAOU VO "Far Eastern Federal University"
  • FSBEI HE "Kerch State Marine Technological University"
  • State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education of the Republic of Crimea "Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University named after Fevzi Yakubov"
2. Scientific organizations
  • FSUE "Krylov State Scientific Center"
  • FGBUN "Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture of Crimea"
  • FSBSI Federal Research Center “Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas named after A.O. Kovalevsky RAS "
  • FSBSI "Institute of Natural and Technical Systems"
  • FGBUN Federal Research Center "Marine Hydrophysical Institute RAS"
  • FSBSI "Order of the Red Banner of Labor Nikitsky Botanical Garden - National Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences"
  • FSBSI "All-Russian National Research Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking" Magarach "RAS"
  • State Budgetary Institution of Public Health of the Republic of Crimea "Research Institute of Pediatric Balneology, Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation"
  • Federal State Budgetary Institution "National Research Center" Kurchatov Institute "
3. Real sector organizations
  • JSC "Parent production and technical enterprise "Granit"
  • JSC "Concern "Okeanpribor"
  • JSC "Scientific and Production Association "Android technology"
  • JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation"
  • JSC "United Instrument-Making Corporation"
  • JSC "Shvabe"
  • JSC "Center for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Technology"
  • LLC "Marlin-Yug"
  • Tinos LLC
  • IT Crimea LLC
  • LLC "Agrofirma Zolotaya Balka"
  • Kirov Sanatorium LLC
  • Crimean Vegetable Factory LLC
  • Invest-plus LLC
  • ANO "Scientific and Educational Center of Biotechnology and sanatorium rehabilitation"
  • ANO "Interregional world-class scientific and educational Center "Moreagrobiotech"
  • JSC "Sevastopol Marine Plant named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze"
  • Crimean Vineyards LLC
  • LLC "Agricultural enterprise "Coastal"
  • JSC "Clinical sanatorium "Poltava"