The emphasis is on promising research areas within the framework of the Belgorod REC

The issue of the development of the Department of Environmental Management and Land Cadastre was considered at the Council for the implementation of strategic development programs of the National Research University "BelSU"

Tatiana Polyakova, Acting Head of the Department of Nature Management and Land Cadastre, told about the implementation in 2021 of the Development Program of the Department of Nature Management and Land Cadastre for 2019-2022 and the tasks for 2022. Speaking about the achievements of the department, Tatiana Anatolyevna noted an increase in the number of students by 25%, successful completion of state accreditation in all areas of training, the development of a network form of implementing educational programs with partner organizations, high publication activity of the teaching staff in highly rated journals. Tatiana Polyakova particularly noted the contribution of teachers of the department to the development of educational programs on the subject of REC "Innovative solutions in agriculture": in 2021, the program "Exploration of natural resources by aerospace means" was updated. Significant results have also been achieved in international activities: an agreement was signed on the network form of the implementation of the Master's degree program jointly with Samarkand State University, a joint educational program with KazNU is being successfully implemented. al-Farabi (with obtaining double diplomas), academic mobility with Karaganda University is developing.

According to Roman Khizhnyak, co-rapporteur, Head of the GIS and Agrolandscape Design Department of the Belgorod Agrochemical Service Center, the organization is a profile partner of the department.

- The department has a stable staff, a good material and technical base, all this makes it possible to successfully solve the tasks set both in scientific and educational activities, - Roman Yurievich emphasized.

Noting that employees of the Agrochemical Service Center participate in the development of the master's program, in the implementation of projects of the REC "Innovative solutions in Agriculture" together with scientists, Roman Khizhnyak expressed hope for expanding cooperation, including on the topical topic of carbon polygons.

During the discussion of the tasks of the department, proposals were made to strengthen cooperation with enterprises and organizations of the region within the framework of the implementation of contractual topics, including involving students of the department, as well as to attract foreign leading professors to conduct educational and research activities. According to the rector of the National Research University "BelSU", Professor Oleg Polukhin, it is necessary to use the potential of the department, developing new directions, actively participating in the program of activities of the program "Priority-2030".

- The effect of the department's activities should be enhanced. Significant results can be achieved by combining the potential of the departments participating in the Priority 2030 program. Currently, it is necessary to focus on such an important area as national environmental management," Oleg Nikolaevich noted.

The Council decided to approve the updated development program of the Department of Environmental Management and Land Cadastre for 2019-2022, as well as the action plan for 2022, which provides for the development of a roadmap for the creation of carbon landfills in the Belgorod region, the creation of the Center for environmental diagnostics and rehabilitation of the National Research University "BelSU", etc.

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