The audience of the Eurasian National University opened in Bashkir State University

The audience of the Competence Development Center of the Eurasian REC opened in Bashgu. We remind that the distributed audiences of the REC are already functioning at two sites – UGATU and BSPU named after M.Akmulla.

"Today we have an event related to the development of the university - today we are launching the work of the audience, which was created jointly within the framework of the development of the Eurasian REC. Our university is famous for the fact that we provide high-quality classical education. But we all understand perfectly well that
in addition to professional competencies, supra-professional ones are needed today. And the key task of the REC is to increase the competence of young researchers, young teachers, so this audience will be involved not only for BASHGU. Similar ones are being created in REC participating universities for large-scale and inter-university events and for young scientists to meet, communicate, discuss their issues," said Acting Rector Vadim Zakharov.
Ruslan Kazykhanov, Adviser to the Head of the Republic of Belarus on Science, and the director of the management company took part in the opening ceremony of the REC auditorium REC RB Irina Burenina.
"We are working to ensure that you have opportunities and access to the best practices that exist in science and education, since you, universities, are the greatest value and an important driving part of our republic for us.
With your help, we will be able to achieve new results in the development of the economy and the social sphere. We are also launching a Business English language program for you. This audience, we hope, will become the center of its implementation by the end of 2022, It is important for us that young scientists
receive the necessary competencies and qualifications in the modern world," commented Ruslan Kazykhanov.
The new space meets all modern requirements and is focused on a high-quality educational process. The auditorium is equipped with the necessary equipment for lectures, conferences, meetings, as well as exchange of experience, communication and meetings.
Irina Burenina, Director of the REC RB management company, told about the events and internships that will be organized in the very near future as part of the REC activities. She stressed that for the qualitative organization of the process, feedback from young scientists is needed:

"Your opinion is important to us, be active, leave requests for projects that are interesting and necessary for you, including for organizing them in a new REC audience."