Bashkir scientists create implants with "live" coatings


The technological project of the Eurasian Research Center - "Advanced implantable devices for regenerative and regenerative Medicine" is implemented through a collaboration of scientists from Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Bashkir State Medical University and the Institute of Petrochemistry and Catalysis of the UFIC RAS.

Participants of the Eurasian REC are working on creating metal implants with "live" coatings.

Such implants mimic the structure of human bone and can integrate with it without inflammation and rejection by the body, so that a person can live and work with it.

The development team is led by Evgeny Parfenov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering at USATU.

- The physical, chemical and biological composition of the unique coating is as close as possible to a living human bone. Now people are actively using third-generation implants, and our development with biomimetic coatings belongs to the fourth generation of implants. A special sequence of amino acids seems to tell the cells: "Guys, you are here."

So, the metal implant becomes like its own bone, and does not hurt. This effect is especially strong on nanotitane, apparently due to the special morphology of the surface layer, " says Evgeny Vladimirovich about the essence of the unique development.

In addition, Professor Parfyonov works with inquisitive young people. The scientist organized a scientific and technical club of schoolchildren "Positronic", where children make useful devices with their own hands and at the same time gain knowledge in the field of programming, electronics and cloud technologies.

So, for example, they created an online system for monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen saturation for their grandparents. Evgeny Vladimirovich presented this project as part of the special task "The Heart of a Leader", when in the spring of last year he participated in the competition of managers "Leaders of Russia" (specialization "Science") and became its laureate.

Evgeny Parfyonov, a 1997 graduate of USATU, heads the Transformation Office, which develops the University's Development Strategy until 2030. It is planned that one of the transformation drivers will be the Cyberbionics project, which will unite the efforts of scientists from USATU (FAVIET, Research Institute of IFPM, IATM, FADET), BSMU and UFIC RAS, as well as leading Russian medical centers named after N. N. Priorov and G. A. Ilizarov.