Botanical gardens of Perm University and Donetsk will cooperate in the field of industrial ecology

Perm University (PSNIU, a member of the Perm REC) and Donetsk Botanical Garden have signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of industrial ecology, conservation of rare and protected species, breeding of various plant groups.

The signing took place using a video link.
Donetsk Botanical Garden is one of the largest on the European territory of the continent. The garden is located on an area of more than 203 hectares. It has a unique collection of open and closed ground plants, including steppe plants.
The cooperation will affect both the scientific and educational spheres. The plans include joint research programs for students of PSNIU and universities of the DPR, breeding research. A
roadmap for further cooperation will be developed in the near future.
In the field of industrial ecology – one of the priority areas for the Perm REC – Donetsk Botanical Garden has extensive experience in restoring territories that have been affected by man-made impacts (in particular, land reclamation after coal mining). In the Perm Region, the territories of the closed Kizelovsky coal basin need restoration.
"Perm University systematically builds relationships with scientific and educational institutions of Donbass. Together with Donetsk National Technical University, we are creating new educational institutions programs. In August, schoolchildren from Donetsk come to us, they will be able
to get acquainted with the university and spend their holidays here. The cooperation agreement with the Donetsk Botanical Garden will allow us to take another important step in this direction," said the Rector of PSNIU Dmitry Krasilnikov.
Different natural and soil-climatic conditions of the gardens' location open up opportunities for new botanical research in the field of introduction and breeding, comparative study
of plant adaptation mechanisms. "We have been cooperating with the Perm Botanical Garden for a long time university in cultural and educational activities. Currently , integration into the Russian scientific space is especially important," says Svetlana Prikhodko, Director of the Donetsk Botanical Garden.

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