Clean Arctic: Tiksi plans to dispose of the ownerless vessel Dnepr

The ownerless mooring vessel is located in Tiksi Bay in the Laptev Sea. There is a threat of its destruction and pollution of the bay with petroleum products. To avoid this, the authorities of the republic plan to dispose of the vessel within the framework of the Russian Clean Arctic project.

In 2021, the village of Tiksi was designated a testing ground of the scientific and educational center (REC) "North". As part of his work, the Institute of Oil and Gas Problems of the SB RAS prepared proposals on possible ways to clean contaminated waters without mechanical methods, that is, with the help of microbiological organisms.

During his business trip to the Bulunsky district in August of this year, the first deputy chairman of the Government of Yakutia Dmitry Sadovnikov visited the site. On September 18, he gathered the heads of industry departments and enterprises of the region who are involved in solving this issue.

As reported to the First Deputy Prime Minister, in September 2021, the inspection of the state environmental supervision conducted a survey of the mooring vessel. According to the results of the examination, the waste was classified as hazard class 3. A new examination was carried out this summer and the Ministry of Ecology of Yakutia — it found an excess of the MPC of petroleum products by 15 times. Now Rosprirodnadzor is engaged in the examination.

The result of this work may be a complete cleaning of the Dnipro vessel from petroleum products or a reduction in the hazard class. It is planned to hold these events in 2023, after which the ship will be disposed of. Today, the government is considering the issues of financing the ship's disposal, including co-financing from the federal budget. As noted at the meeting, the issue is included in the roadmap of the Ministry of Transport of Russia.

It is known that in the mid-70s, the Dnepr vessel was used in navigation as a container for collecting bilge waters of sea vessels by the state shipping company Arctic Shipping Company. In winter, the settled bilge water with a high content of fuels and lubricants was burned in the furnaces of the boiler house for heating the village.

Recall that "Clean Arctic" is a large—scale project to clean up the Arctic territory from accumulated waste from Soviet times.
The implementation of the federal project began in 2021 with the village of Tiksi Bulunsky district. Then about 300 tons of scrap metal and 250 tons of wood and plastic were collected and exported.
In 2022, the project has already covered three Arctic regions of Yakutia — Bulunsky, Verkhoyansky and Ust-Yansky. The company "Arctic Vtormet" LLC
has started cleaning the territory in the villages of Tiksi Bulunsky district. In Ust-Kuiga, Ust-Yansky district, the collection of scrap metal is carried out by the company LLC "East Siberian
Supply Company".
In the format of corporate volunteering, Yanolovo JSC and Zolotoe LLC will assist in cleaning up territories in the village of Silyannyakh in Ust-Yansky district.

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