Director of the ANO "Scientific and Educational Center "Kuzbass" Natalia Petrik made a report at the II Kuzbass Forum of the World Russian People's Council

The II Kuzbass Forum of the World Russian People's Cathedral started at Kemerovo State University

The main theme of the event, organized by the World Russian People's Council, the Kuzbass Metropolia and the Government of the Kemerovo Region, was the prevention of Russophobic sentiments in Kuzbass and the preservation of traditional values. More than 500 people took part in the work: representatives of state authorities, public and religious organizations, students of Kuzbass universities.

The forum organized the work of four sections: "The role of traditional religious organizations in the formation of Russian national identity and prevention of possible Russophobic sentiments in the Kemerovo region-Kuzbass", "Demographic crisis and ways to overcome it in modern conditions", "Consolidation of regional resources that open professional prospects for young professionals in Kuzbass", "Traditional spiritual values: problems of their perception by modern youth".

In the section "Consolidation of regional resources that open up professional prospects for young specialists in Kuzbass", Natalia Petrik, Director of the ANO "Kuzbass Scientific and Educational Center", made a report "Kuzbass Scientific and Educational Center as an integrator of scientific and educational resources". As part of her speech, Natalia Alexandrovna focused on the features of the functioning of the REC "Kuzbass", projects and plans for the implementation of a comprehensive scientific and technical program of the full innovation cycle "Clean Coal - green Kuzbass". Also, the director of the ANO "Scientific and Educational Center "Kuzbass" in her report touched upon the implementation of the state scientific and technical policy in the field of intellectual property, as well as key events organized and participated in by the REC "Kuzbass".

"REC within the region acts as an aggregator of generated scientific projects, selects and broadcasts the best practices for the development of science and education, forms mechanisms of interaction between the scientific community, the business community and the authorities of the region. The goal of the REC "Kuzbass" is to achieve world leadership in the field of exploration, efficient extraction, transportation and deep processing of solid minerals, mining engineering," Natalia Alexandrovna noted.

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