The achievements of the innovators of the organizations participating in the REC "KuZbass" were noted at the federal level

At the plenum of the Central Council of the All–Russian Society of Inventors and Innovators (VOIR), which was held in Moscow, the results of the activities of inventors and innovators for 2017-2022 were summed up.

For a significant contribution to the development and maintenance of the inventive and innovation movement in KUZBASS, certificates of honor and medals of the society were awarded to representatives of the participating companies of the KuZbass REC - EVRAZ, Stroyservice and Azot.

The Certificate of Honor of the Central Council of VOIR was awarded: Andrey Dobryansky is a senior calibrator of the rail-block shop of JSC EVRAZ, West Siberian Metallurgical Combine. With the direct participation of Andrey Vladimirovich, 42 types of products were rolled on a new universal rail-rolling mill, as well as special-purpose rails with low-temperature reliability, increased wear resistance and contact fatigue endurance, rails for high-speed combined movement.

Andrey Dobryansky combines his career with scientific work. He is the author of 27 published scientific papers, 8 patents of the Russian Federation for inventions implemented and successfully functioning in the rail-block shop of JSC EVRAZ ZSMK.

The representatives of JSC EVRAZ ZSMK, JSC Stroyservice, and KAO Azot were awarded the medals of VOIR "For Merits in Invention and Innovation" of the II degree.

Among them, Galina Artemova is the chief specialist of the technical department – the Commissioner for Rationalization Activities of EVRAZ ZSMK JSC, a member of the VOIR. Galina Viktorovna has been working as a patent specialist for more than 30 years. During this time, applications for more than 60 patents were issued, which were implemented in various departments of the plant. Only in the last 3 years, thanks to this, it was possible to get an economic effect of about 500 million rubles.

Pavel Zhuikov - Advisor to the General Director of Stroyservice JSC, Doctor of Economics, Member of the VOIR. Over the past 5 years alone, the introduction of rational proposals in a coal company has improved economic performance by hundreds of millions of rubles.

Vera Rzhevskaya is a leading specialist of the Business Systems Development Directorate of the Kemerovo Joint Stock Company Azot. Vera Leonidovna organizes and takes a direct part in the preparation and design of works nominated for various regional and all-Russian competitions on the innovative activity of the enterprise. The victories of innovators and the entire chemical plant at competitions of various levels are the merit of Vera Leonidovna's work.

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