The interregional world-class scientific and educational center "Moreagrobiotech" presented instruments for Arctic exploration.

Instruments for Arctic exploration manufactured by Marlin-Yug, an industrial partner of Sevastopol State University, were presented at the 25th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum among the exhibits from Sevastopol within the framework of the SeaaGrobIotEch REC.

Autonomous hydrometeorological buoys will form the basis of the observation network deployed this year around the ice-resistant self-propelled platform "North Pole".

"Dozens of different measuring buoys are being manufactured to equip the network, which are capable of operating for years in the harsh conditions of the Arctic region. The research laboratory of SevSU "Marine Observation Systems" participates in the development of buoys, - said the chief researcher of the research laboratory "Marine Observation Systems", Doctor of Technical Sciences Sergey Motyzhev.

Recall that 42 buoys will be launched this year to work together with the North Pole ice self-propelled platform being put into operation. To solve it this year, SevSU, together with AANII, MSU, and IVM, submitted an application to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for a major scientific project on the topic "The Marine Arctic in a changing climate: diagnosis and forecast", the implementation of which will provide a holistic picture of the modern hydrometeorological regime of the marine Arctic and lay the foundation for a numerical forecast of its variability..

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