The Eurasian REC has started implementing two new practices: school initiative budgeting and the creation of a network of pre-university RECs

In accordance with the instruction of the Head of the Republic of Belarus Radiy Khabirov , two new practices of the Eurasian REC are being implemented in Bashkortostan - initiative budgeting projects based on the initiatives of schoolchildren and on the development of a network of pre-university RECs in the municipalities of the region.

"At the meeting of the Council for the implementation of initiative budgeting projects in the field of education and science, the results were summed up

competitive selection of projects implemented within the framework of the world-class Eurasian REC activity program. In 2022, support

We have received 60 projects of school initiatives and 5 projects for the creation of pre-university RECs," said Ruslan Kazykhanov, Adviser to the Head of the Republic of Belarus on Science

In total, 381 applications from 90 schools of the republic were received to participate in the competition of school initiatives. 20 participants took part in the pilot project

municipalities of the republic, and 30 thousand schoolchildren helped to select the best projects for their further participation in the regional competition.

The winners are 60 projects that will receive financial support from the republican budget. The projects are being implemented in the amount of about 30 million rubles by the end of this year. The school's Board of Trustees, parents, graduates and other interested and not indifferent persons to the initiatives of schoolchildren will also be able to support the projects.

Ufa, Ufa and Sterlibashevsky districts became the leader in the number of applications submitted for the implementation of school initiatives: from them

9 applications were received. The second place is occupied by Neftekamsk, the third place in terms of the number of applications submitted was shared by Sterlitamak, Sibai, municipal districts - Dyurtyulinsky and Beloretsky.

The top-3 rating on the typology of projects supported by the competition commission includes projects whose initiatives will be implemented in

cultural and leisure sphere and education. The students initiated the creation of media spaces, new laboratories, comfortable recreation areas and coworking classes in their schools.

Of the six submitted applications for the creation of pre-university RECs, the competition commission supported five. "REC classes" will be created on the basis of lyceums in Ufa, Neftekamsk, Kumertau, Beloretsk and Uchalinsky districts, using the financial support of Bashkortostan in the total amount of 10 million rubles.

The practice of initiative budgeting for the development of a network of REC pre-universities differs in that the contribution to the implementation of the project

It is provided by universities and industrial partners that are part of the perimeter of the world-class Eurasian REC, interested in high-quality

training their future cadres. Bashkir Medical University, Aviation and Petroleum University, as well as BASHGU will act as partners in the implementation of the project of the network of pre-universities of the REC.

More than 1,500 schoolchildren took part in the voting to determine the "REC classes" for participation in the regional competition. And now, the new modern educational process will allow more than 3,000 schoolchildren to reach a qualitatively new level of training.

In accordance with the instruction of the Head of the Republic of Belarus, municipalities of the Republic will be able to receive state support for the implementation of projects,

initiated in schools up to and including 2024.

The winners can be found at the link:

source: https://xn--m1acy.xn--p1ai/en/news/evraziiskii-noc-pristupil-k-realizacii-dvuh-novih-praktik-shkolnoe-iniciativnoe-bydjetirovanie-i-sozdanie-seti-preduniversariev-noc1658916611