The initiative of the Belgorod REC was included in the strategy of socio-economic development until 2030

The government has completed work on strategic initiatives - projects designed to improve the quality of people's lives and make the Russian economy more modern and flexible. The order approving their full list was signed by the Chairman of the Government of Russia Mikhail Mishustin. The projects were prepared on behalf of the President of Russia.

Five working groups were formed to prepare new initiatives. They included representatives of business, expert and scientific organizations, regional and federal authorities. The participants of the groups analyzed more than 250 ideas and selected 42 most popular initiatives for the final list. Each of them meets a number of important criteria. Firstly, it responds to the real requests of citizens. Secondly, it gives tangible results in terms of improving the quality of life. Thirdly, it helps to achieve national development goals and does not duplicate existing activities presented, for example, in national projects.

The initiatives included in the list are distributed in six areas: social sphere, construction, ecology, digital transformation, technological breakthrough and the state for citizens.

  • "Social sphere", includes 10 projects focused on preserving the health of the population, career guidance of people and creating opportunities for self-realization of people;
  • "Construction", includes 7 projects, the main direction is the development of a smart city and the renewal of the infrastructure of cities;
  • "Ecology" includes 4 projects, the main goal of this block is rational use of natural resources, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, elimination of hazardous landfills and emergency facilities.
  • "Digital Transformation" includes 5 projects aimed at improving the digital literacy of the population and improving the interaction of citizens and the state.
  • "Technological Breakthrough" leads in the number of initiatives. It includes 15 projects from various fields - from the agricultural sector to nuclear energy and electric transport. In this block, the initiative of the Belgorod REC "Innovative solutions in the agro-industrial complex" is just presented: "Agricultural science is a step into the future development of the agro-industrial complex."
  • "The state for Citizens" will help to focus the work of the authorities around the interests of a particular person, to make them more attentive to the needs of citizens.

For each initiative, specific results are outlined on two planning horizons - up to 2024 and up to 2030. This will help to give an accurate assessment of the effectiveness of work in each direction.

The implementation of the initiatives until 2024 will require 4.6 trillion rubles. Funds for these purposes will be taken from the federal budget and the National Welfare Fund. It is also planned to attract private investment.

The text of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated October 6, 2021 No. 2816-r can be found in the attached file.


source: https://xn--m1acy.xn--p1ai/en/news/iniciativa-belgorodskogo-noc-voshla-v-strategiy-socialno-akonomicheskogo-razvitiya-do-2030-goda1634057442