Kemerovo State University (participant of the REC "Kuzbass") and the company LLC "Mycromine Rus" signed a cooperation agreement

It will allow using the academic version of the mining and geological information system "Micromine" for the educational process and research work at the Department of Geology and Geography of KemSU, including within the framework of the Academy of the Reserve of Geological Personnel.

The use of the product will contribute to the study by students, staff and teachers of the Department of the features of mining and geological research, 3D modeling for geological exploration, which allows you to enter, verify and interpret important exploration data. GGIS "Micromine" provides full visibility and optimizes the workflow (study of promising areas, resource assessment and much more).

The software will be used for the areas of training 05.03.01 Geology, profile Geology of minerals (bachelor's degree) within the disciplines "GIS in geology", "Interpretation of geophysical materials", 05.04.01 Geology, profile Geology of minerals and subsoil use (Master's degree) within the disciplines "Computer technology and GIS in geology and subsoil use", "Fundamentals of digital cartographic support of prospecting and development of mineral deposits", 05.03.02 Geography, profile of GIS technology in monitoring of natural and social processes (bachelor's degree) in the framework of the discipline "Geoinformation systems of special purpose".

source: https://xn--m1acy.xn--p1ai/en/news/kemerovskii-gosudarstvennii-universitet-uchastnik-noc-kuzbass-i-kompaniya-ooo-aikromain-rus-podpisali-soglashenie-o-sotrudnichestve1637139324