The team of the Eurasian REC is a participant of the strategic session of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation "The image of the future campus. Team building".

The strategic session started today with the participating regions of the federal Program for the creation of interuniversity student campuses in the regions. Recall that the republic's application for the creation of a world-class campus in Ufa was accepted on August 17 at a meeting of the Russian Government.

The Republic of Bashkortostan was represented at the strategic session by an expert team: Advisor to the Head of the Republic of Belarus on Science Ruslan Kazykhanov, Director of ANO "UK REC RB" Lira Ishkildina, Director of the Center for the Development of competencies REC Irina Burenina, First Deputy Minister of Land and Property Relations of the Republic of Belarus Dmitry Suslin, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Belarus Ruslan Hannanov, Deputy Head of the Expert Department of the Head of the Republic of Belarus Alfiya Tuvalbaeva, Director of LLC "Campus" Dmitry Kuznetsov, Director of Development Semren&Mansson Andrey Petrov, representatives of universities and the Bashkir branch of Sberbank.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation and Curator of the Volga Federal District, opened the strategic session.

"The implementation of the project to create student campuses is a priority task of the Russian Government. In order to realize such an ambitious project as the creation of a campus, a well-coordinated team is required in the person of universities, investors and regions with the personal involvement of the heads of subjects in the project. The key condition for success is the participation of business and the implementation of joint projects in the PPP format. The Russian government has created all the necessary conditions for this," Dmitry Chernyshenko said.

The purpose of the strategic session is to develop joint solutions in the direction of the image of the future campus. The session participants will assess the preliminary stage of the project implementation and discuss options for creating an innovative educational environment on the campus site.

Valery Falkov, Minister of Higher Education and Science, also addressed the participants of the session with a welcoming speech. He stressed that the construction of the campus is not only about the architectural solution:

"The campus, first of all, is a project for the development of science and higher education in the regions and infrastructure support for the development of science and higher education in the regions and the REC's activity programs. This is a contribution to the regional economy and the achievement of the goals of scientific and technological development of the country."

source: https://xn--m1acy.xn--p1ai/en/news/komanda-evraziiskogo-noc-uchastnik-strategicheskoi-sessii-inobrnauki-rf-obraz-budushego-kampusa-komandoobrazovanie1637586130