Quantum technologies of the world-class REC "Engineering of the future"

From October 18 to 20, the Forum "QANTOTECH" was held in Moscow, where participants discussed issues of national development of the quantum industry, the development of necessary industry and government solutions, and also exchanged experience on the introduction of quantum technologies. The opening was held in the format of a plenary session "Quantum Technologies" chaired by Dmitry Sauers, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of GAZPROMBANK.

It is worth noting that the world-class REC "Engineering of the Future" successfully implements projects of the quantum industry, including the construction of safe roads on quantum sensors. Olga Mikheeva, advisor to the Governor of the Samara region, General Director of the management company of the world-class REC "Engineering of the Future" - Institute of Regional Development, made a report on the competencies of REC in quantum technologies and shared the secret of the implementation of the concept from the idea stage at universities to products on the market. The report included three main theses:

  • Think about the scale of the life cycle of high-tech products.
  • Be attentive to the requests of industrial partners.
  • Act in the present, not forgetting about the future.

However, not everyone knows about the promising field of physics. Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Vasily Shpak noted that in order for quantum technologies to come into life, it is necessary to explain to scientists in simple language what quantum technologies are, how they work. The speaker stressed that it is also necessary to create programs for children so that they have an idea of what quantum technologies are from a young age and know about their practical application.

Olga Mikheeva also drew attention to the relevance of this topic in her speech:

"A new committee on quantum technologies is being formed now. It wasn't there before, but there was such a need. In addition, scientists have specific proposals on educational areas, scientific and technological solutions and infrastructure projects. At the moment, on the eve of the forum, we are actively working with everything related to quantum technologies and the developments that are needed for quantum technologies to come into life. And now, we are busy preparing training programs on quantum technologies for centers for gifted children."

Also, during a conversation with the moderators of the plenary session, Olga Alexandrovna spoke about the interuniversity quantum campus. It involves the deployment of an educational and research fiber-optic network with special sources and detectors of single photons with educational elements of quantum cryptographic systems for interuniversity developments and competitions in the field of quantum technologies. There are 5 universities among potential participants:

• Volga Region State University of Telecommunications and Informatics

• Samara National Research University named after Academician S.P. Korolev • Samara State University of Railways

• N.P. Ogarev Mordovian State University

• Penza State University

• Ulyanovsk State University

Ruslan Yunusov, CEO of the Russian Quantum Center expressed his admiration and stressed: "This is an interesting experience! I will have to come to visit you to see, to learn from you."