The active phase of repair work on boiler unit No. 14 has begun at the Kemerovo GRES SGK (industrial partner of the Kuzbass Scientific and Educational Center)

Specialists have started the installation of new coils of the water economizer. An economizer is a heat exchanger. In it, the feed water is heated by gases leaving the boiler before being fed to the boiler. The economizer is used to reduce fuel consumption and increase thermal power.

Boiler unit No. 14 of the Kemerovo GRES (KA -14) is one of six high—pressure boilers installed at the power plant. Its capacity is 420 tons of steam per hour. During the heating season, it is in operation around the clock.
In 2022, KA — 14 is undergoing not only routine and preventive repairs, but also a supertype - a complete replacement of the coils of the first-stage water economizer.

Welding of coils is carried out in a combined way: coils are welded into a package by argon welding, and joints with collectors are arc welding. Argon prevents the metal from oxidizing and improves the quality of the welded joint.

To increase the heat removal, the pipe part of the economizer is staggered, therefore, during installation, the coils must be constantly rotated, achieving an accurate location.

Repairs at the boiler unit No. 14 of the Kemerovo GRES will be completed by the end of September, by the beginning of peak heat loads.

source: https://xn--m1acy.xn--p1ai/en/news/na-kemerovskoi-gras-sgk-industrialnii-partner-nauchno-obrazovatelnogo-centra-kuzbass-nachalas-aktivnaya-faza-remontnih-rabot-na-kotloagregate-141658915576