REC "Kuzbass" held a round table "KNTP "Clean coal – Green Kuzbass: technology transfer"

As part of the public demonstration of the results obtained on the event "Innovative technology of wastewater treatment at open-pit coal mining enterprises" of the integrated scientific and technical program "Clean Coal – Green Kuzbass", a round table "KNTP "Clean Coal – Green Kuzbass: Technology Transfer" was held.

The meeting was attended by: Advisor to the Governor Alexander Mironenko, Minister of Science, Higher Education and Youth Policy of Kuzbass Sergey Pfetzer, Deputy Minister of Coal Industry of Kuzbass Andrey Brizhak, Consultant of the Safety Department of the Kuzbass Coal Industry Svetlana Alexandrova, Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Kuzbass Oleg Ivlev, Director of the Department of Coal Industry of the Russian Federation Peter Bobylev (VKS), Director of ANO "Scientific andKuzbass Educational Center Irina Ganieva, representatives of the participant (KemSU), the customer ("Kuzbassrazrezugol") of the KNTP and coal enterprises of the region.

During the round table, Irina Ganieva presented a report on the topic: "KNTP "Clean Coal – Green Kuzbass": on the plan for the development and implementation of scientific results in 2023, on the regulations for the inclusion of new projects commissioned by industrial partners."

Ekaterina Mikhailova, Head of the Department for the Implementation of the KemSU CSTP, presented the results of the event "Innovative technology of wastewater treatment at open-pit coal mining enterprises" of the CSTP.

As a result of the project, technological solutions for a full cycle of wastewater treatment for open-pit coal mining enterprises will be proposed, economically feasible for implementation in production, taking into account the volume of wastewater generated, as well as existing regulatory requirements for the quality of wastewater discharged into water bodies.

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