Novokuznetsk aluminum plant of RUSAL company (industrial partner of REC "Kuzbass") reduces the burden on the environment

The progress of ecological modernization of RUSAL's Novokuznetsk Aluminum Plant was checked by Maxim Korolkov, head of the project office of the federal Clean Air project of the national Ecology project, and Semyon Putin, the curator of the city for this project. The visit to the Nkmz took place within the framework of the IV Siberian Environmental Forum.

In 2018, NcAZ joined the implementation of the federal project "Clean Air" of the national project "Ecology". During this period, 151 electrolyzers were modernized at the enterprise and two dry-type gas purification plants were built – all of RUSAL's own design. The Company has allocated over 2 billion rubles for these purposes.

In general, the implementation of the NKAZA environmental program has allowed the plant to halve gross emissions over the past 10 years, greenhouse gases by more than 20%, and the discharge of industrial wastewater has been completely eliminated.

In May 2021, at the visiting session of the Eurasian Women's Forum, RUSAL presented a program for the global restructuring of its Siberian aluminum plants, including Novokuznetsk. It provides for a 3.5-fold increase in the share of electrolyzers operating using pre-fired anode technology, and the construction of four more "dry" gas purification plants with a degree of purification of over 99% of the main ingredients.

Thanks to the introduction of modern, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient aluminum production technologies in the world today, the company's emissions of sulfur dioxide are reduced by almost half, fluorides by 10 times, and benzapyrene emissions at the new site of electrolyzers are reduced to zero.

- On the example of such enterprises as the RUSAL plant in Novokuznetsk, we see the practical implementation of the principle "Ecology has become profitable", - said Maxim Korolkov, head of the project office of the federal Clean Air project. - In order to reduce emissions and the burden on the environment, the company is radically switching to new technologies, conducting a deep modernization. This process does not end in 2024, but has serious strategic goals. It is very important that the process of environmental modernization of the enterprise is under the supervision of supervisory authorities and is as open to the public as possible.

- Constant environmental improvements are an obligatory part of the life of any industrial enterprise. The company's strategy in the field of ecology proceeds from this principle. An important part of the implementation of this strategy is openness and constant informing the public about reducing the environmental burden of enterprises. By the time of the completion of the reconstruction of NKAZA, all electrolyzers will be transferred to modern technologies, and a third of them will work on burnt anodes. Also, 6 "dry" gas cleaners will be built, which provide the highest level of emissions capture, thus, the volume of gross emissions of the enterprise will be reduced by 28%, and hydrofluoride - by 10 times, - said Vyacheslav Markov, Managing director of the Novokuznetsk aluminum plant of RUSAL.

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