Young scientists of Tula State University, a university - participant of REC "Tulatech", won a grant for the development of research potential


Within the framework of the Regional stage of the All-Russian youth educational forum "Territory of Meanings" in the Tula Region, the team of the "Student and Postgraduate Scientific Society" of Tula State University won the project "School for the Development of Research Potential" Steps of Science ". The total amount of the grant from the Tula team was almost 200 thousand rubles.

Let us remind you that Tula State University is a participant of the REC "TulaTECH".

The project of young scientists is aimed at enhancing research and publication activity among young people. Thanks to the grant, a team of scientists plans to teach students how to correctly represent the results of their scientific activities and test the knowledge gained immediately in practice.

The head of the project was Daria Lavrova, Chairperson of the Student and Postgraduate Scientific Society of Tula State University.

source: https://xn--m1acy.xn--p1ai/en/news/olodie-uchenie-tulgu-vuza---uchastnika-noc-tulateh-viigrali-grant-na-razvitie-nauchno-issledovatelskogo-potenciala1626855096