The young scientist of the IFN KemSU (participant of the REC "Kuzbass") became one of the best chemistry students of Russia, Kazakhstan and China

178 people from 37 universities of Russia, Kazakhstan and China took part in the first round of the XXXIII Mendeleev Competition of Chemistry students. 98 participants were selected to participate in the second round. Among them was Vladislav Kashansky, a fifth-year student of the Institute of Fundamental Sciences of KemSU, who will represent Kuzbass at the XXXIII Mendeleev School-conference in Ivanovo. The young scientist will make a report on the topic "Obtaining metal nanoparticles on a matrix using microwave radiation" (scientific supervisor – Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Fundamental and Applied Chemistry of IFN KemSU Tatiana Borisovna Tkachenko).

It should be noted that the Mendeleev competition is held in order to identify young talented chemists and chemical technologists among students and attract them to independent research work. Over its long history, the competition has gained a high reputation in the scientific community. Many winners of the competition of previous years have already become candidates and doctors of sciences, successfully conduct research at universities and academic institutes, in research teams of other states, in laboratories of chemical corporations.