Perm Agrarian and Technological University and Pharmaceutical Academy joined the REC

Perm Agrarian and Technological University named after D. N. Pryanishnikov (PGATU) and Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy (PGFA) became participants of the Perm REC "Rational Subsoil Use".

Participation in REC opens up opportunities for both scientists and students of these universities. Researchers of PGATU and PGFA will be actively involved in solving urgent problems of regional and Russian business, which the REC accumulates, as well as participate in scientific and technical councils with enterprises, will have the opportunity to present their developments at conferences and exhibitions. Additional opportunities open up for students within the framework of practice-oriented training, participation in solving current business problems, building relationships with future employers.

Joining the scientific and educational center of PGATU and PGFA will give a new impetus to one of the priority scientific and technological projects of the Perm REC - "Innovative chemical, medical and pharmaceutical technologies", which is aimed at accelerated development and ensuring import substitution in these industries.

"Today, Russian science faces important challenges related to global processes and import substitution. Chemistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals are the industries where this is especially relevant. Decarbonization, efficient agriculture, increasing the "accuracy" and availability of medicines and medicine are tasks that are being solved all over the world.

Modern chemical technologies, as well as ecology and safety of territories were declared from the very beginning as priority areas of REC.

The joining of the Agrarian and Technological University and the pharmaceutical Academy to the center will give impetus to these areas. In addition, today REC is one of the

key platforms for the exchange of competencies, industrial partners get the opportunity to involve a wider expert community in the solution

urgent tasks," said Pavel Ilyushin, Director of the ANO REC "Rational Subsoil Use".

Among the promising areas of research with the participation of PGATU is the production of "smart fertilizers" that operate throughout the growing season.

"The use of slow-acting organo-mineral fertilizers will improve plant nutrition and adjust the quality of the future crop, reduce nutrient losses, reduce the environmental burden on the soil and the economic costs of frequent fertilization. For us, participation in the REC will be focused on strengthening the synergetic effect of the interaction of educational, scientific organizations and business to solve the problems of providing high–quality agricultural products, food security of the region and the country," said Eduard Sataev, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation and International Cooperation of PSATU.

PGFA scientists are already participating in the development of technologies, optimization of methods for the synthesis of pharmaceutical substances and excipients for the pharmaceutical industry within the framework of a joint project with PSNIU. In the future, this will allow replacing a number of foreign drugs that are currently produced only in Switzerland and India. In addition, it will help to build intra-regional and intra-Russian production and logistics chains for new drug developments and scientific and technological

products in pharmaceuticals.

In total, the REC unites 14 scientific, scientific and educational organizations and companies of the real sector, and as a partner cooperates with almost 10 major Russian companies in the field of oil and gas production, chemistry and petrochemistry, mechanical engineering, IT and telecommunications.

source: https://xn--m1acy.xn--p1ai/en/news/permskie-agrarno-tehnologicheskii-universitet-i-farmakadmemiya-prisoedinilis-k-noc1662735207