The projects of young scientists of BSTU received approval

During the meeting with the Chairman of the Governing Council of the REC "Innovative Solutions in Agriculture", Head of the RAS representative office in the region Evgeny Savchenko, young scientists of the Technological University presented new projects ready to enter the portfolio of projects of the scientific and educational center

The meeting was also attended by: Ekaterina Zhuravleva, Head of the Regional Department of Science, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, First Vice-Rector of BSTU, Tatiana Davydenko, Vice-rector for Scientific and Innovative Activities of the university, Valeria Strokova, Director of the Innovative Scientific, Educational and Experimental Industrial Center for Nanostructured Composite Materials, Chairman of the regional Council of Young Scientists and Specialists, Ambassador of the REC Victoria Nelyubova.

According to the university, the meeting was held in the format of a dialogue during which the scientists of the reference university of the region presented their projects, shared the results of the work performed and told about plans for the future. Many people wanted to tell about their innovative ideas, because the university takes an active part in the implementation of projects of the scientific and educational center "Innovative solutions in Agriculture" and has experience in the field of innovative creativity.

Alexander Bazhanov, Associate Professor of the Department of Technical Cybernetics, was the first to present his project on robotic solutions for medicine and industrial production. This project solves many tasks, including the development of automated systems for transporting patients and medicines inside medical institutions based on robotic medical trolleys and racks to reduce dangerous contacts and personnel labor costs.

Then Elena Gaponenko, Senior researcher at the Research Institute of Robotics and Control Systems, made a presentation of the project. Her idea is to develop a robotic system for aliquoting biomaterial and conducting medical research. Elena Vladimirovna spoke about the development of a robotic biobank for storing biological samples, a system for the rehabilitation of the lower extremities and a complex for high-precision processing of parts of complex shape.

Senior lecturer of the Department of Lifting, Transport and Road Machinery Nikolay Lyubimy presented the project "Development of an automated complex for performing marking operations when receiving pipeline parts". Thanks to this complex, it will be possible to automate and increase the accuracy of marking, reduce labor intensity, increase work productivity and reduce the level of injuries. Automation will take place by creating and implementing an automated complex based on an anthropomorphic robot.

Associate Professor of the Department of Roads and Railways Andrey Akimov spoke about innovations in the road industry: innovative materials and technologies in road construction were presented. The scientist also spoke about the structural layers of the pavement and about the quality control of road construction.

The project "Polymer composite materials of a new generation in space technology products" was presented last. Natalia Cherkashina, Associate Professor of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry, spoke about the creation of a new material that can be used in outer space.

In addition, the project was presented by a graduate student of the university Ahmed Ahmed Anis Ahmed, who, as part of his dissertation, is studying the possibility of effective use of fragments of destroyed buildings and structures of the Republic of Iraq. He develops technologies for obtaining a wide range of new generation composites.

Professor of the Department of Theory and Methodology of Science Vladislav Sheleketa presented the project "Center for Humanitarian Expertise of Technological Projects (using artificial Intelligence systems)". The speaker told how, using methods and criteria for evaluating technological projects, to identify potential threats to the "human factor", as well as violations of legal norms regulating activities in the field of technology, and human rights to safety, mental and physical well-being, as well as comprehensive personal development.

All projects have been approved.

source: https://xn--m1acy.xn--p1ai/en/news/proekti-molodih-uchenih-bgtu-poluchili-odobrenie1617806488