The projects of the participants of the REC "Kuzbass" were awarded diplomas of the exhibition of the international forum "Noble Vision. Open Innovations 2.0»

REC "Kuzbass" presented the projects of the participants of the world-class scientific and educational center within the electronic catalog of the exposition of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

In total, developments in priority research areas of the Kuzbass REC were presented: digital technologies and robotic systems, new materials and design methods, environmentally friendly and resource-saving energy, improving the efficiency of extraction and deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, personalized medicine, high-tech healthcare, highly productive and environmentally friendly agro- and aquatic farming, the creation of safe and high-quality food, globalization, the interaction of man and nature, man and technology, etc.

In addition, the Research Institute of Complex Problems of Cardiovascular Diseases (participant of the REC "Kuzbass") presented the project "Polymer prosthetic heart valve" with unique properties: high biocompatibility and long service life. Siberian State Industrial University presented to the visitors of the online exhibition the project "Digital technologies for electric contact welding of rails". Scientists have found a way to increase the operational life of railway rails up to 2000 million tons: to weld rails in harsh modes by the electric contact method by the pulsating method of melting, and to eliminate the formation of defects in the form of quenching structures, to control the cooling of the welded joint using contact heating.

Moscow International Forum "Noble Vision. Open Innovations 2.0" was held in Moscow at the Skolkovo Innovation Center. It became one of the official events of the Year of Science and Technology in Russia. The Forum was attended by laureates of the Nobel, Fields Prizes, the Wolf Prize and other generally recognized international awards.

The Forum has been held for 9 years and is one of the most famous and authoritative discussion platforms dedicated to innovative topics.

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