The developments of scientists of the REC "Kuzbass" will contribute to improving the environmental situation

Within the framework of the integrated Scientific and Technical Program (CSTP) "Clean Coal – Green Kuzbass" at Kemerovo State University (participant of the REC "Kuzbass") a laboratory of fundamental research has been opened, on the basis of which the development of water purification technology for quarry wastewater will continue.

"Wastewater treatment in the coal mining industry is one of the urgent issues in such an industrial region as Kuzbass. The developments of our scientists will contribute to the improvement of the ecological situation, the purification of reservoirs, and this is a significant step forward in improving the quality of life of people. It is important that the technologies developed at KemSU can be implemented in other territories where coal mining is carried out," said Governor Sergey Tsivilev.

A group of KemSU research scientists participates in the development of a highly ecological technology for wastewater treatment in the coal mining industry. Innovative methods will reduce the potential impact of pollutants on the environment. Scientists have already started the practical part of implementing the program in the laboratory. As a result, they will offer technological solutions for a full cycle of wastewater treatment for open-pit coal mining enterprises.

The program is planned to be implemented until 2026. The first three years are scientific research and experiments, one year is required for pilot projects. At the final stage, the developed technology will be introduced into industrial production.

KemSU is one of the key participants of the KNTP "Clean Coal – Green Kuzbass". To implement this direction, the university is implementing the project "Innovative technology of wastewater treatment at open-pit coal mining enterprises".

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