Developing "Future Engineering" in Tambov"

Olga Mikheeva, General Director of the Institute of Regional Development, the management company of the world - class Engineering of the Future Research Center, Denis Gusev, Project Director of the world-class Engineering of the Future Research Center, State Secretary of the Institute of Regional Development, and Alexey Komyagin, Head of the grant office of the World - class Engineering of the Future Research Center, met with Natalia Molotkova, First Vice-Rector of Tambov State Technical University, Dmitry Muromtsev, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, and Natalia Zlobina, Director of the Institute of Additional Professional Education.

We visited a laboratory with unique equipment in the field of nanotechnology.

Its head, Nariman Memetov, showed the development of TSTU scientists-biodegradable special lubricants for machinery based on carbon nanomaterials. They allow you to maintain performance at extremely low temperatures. Scientists admit the possibility of using it even in space. An excellent development for participants of the REC "Engineering of the Future" from the aerospace industry!

We discussed how to combine the efforts and resources of all participants of our research and Development Center to conduct joint research in the field of nanotechnology and moved to the ZAVKOM plant. It is an industrial partner of TSTU.

Then - "Nanotechcenter", where the material" Taunit " is produced on an industrial scale. These are one-dimensional nanoscale filamentous formations of polycrystalline graphite in the form of a loose black powder. Scope of application-the widest:

hydrogen accumulators, filter materials, lithium battery electrodes, light-emitting diodes, etc. are very useful developments for the key areas of "Future Engineering" - new generation engine and fuel systems, new materials. The capacity of the local reactor is up to 2000 kilograms of product per year. The purity of the nanomaterial is 98 percent!

We discussed the youth policy of our REC with our Tambov colleagues.

Denis Dedov is a member of the Future Engineering Committee on Medical Technologies, Director of the Digital Engineering Center. Denis is working on a simulator for rehabilitation of people with musculoskeletal and lung problems. Basically, it's a treadmill connected to virtual reality glasses. And VR in medicine is one of the main areas of work of our REC. We got acquainted with another interesting development, a joint project of TSTU and Roshimzashchita. This is a simulator for miners. It can be used to simulate an extreme situation in the mine-an explosion, smoke. And teach employees not to give in to panic, properly use breathing apparatus and neutralize the threat. This is also a very promising project for Future Engineering in the field of VR technologies.

The next center is "Robotics".

Alexander Divin, a member of the Future Engineering Committee on Smart Agriculture, works here. One of the developments is a technical vision system that allows using infrared radiation to determine the internal defects of vegetables and fruits that are invisible to the human eye.

Then we moved to the Radioelectronics and Communications Center.

Here are developments for defense enterprises. No comments. Top secret! All three centers that we visited will be part of the Vernadsky Technopark, which will open at TSTU in June this year. This is one of the infrastructure projects within the framework of the "Engineering of the Future"REC.

We visited JSC Corporation "Roshimzashchita". They have 11 enterprises across the country, and a think tank in Tambov.

We had a very productive conversation with Executive Director Vasily Sidortsov and Development Director Valery Matveikin. The corporation has developed a strong friendship and harmonious business relations with Tambov State Technical University, a member of Engineering of the Future. I have now chosen three of the most promising areas of work:

* medicine of the future

* new materials: multifunctional, smart, with pre-defined properties

* mathematical modeling.

We know all about this - there is a lot to work on together. Olga Mikheeva spoke in detail about the developments of the participants of " Engineering

the future". And about the work of RECs in general — the management system, committees, and technological projects.

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