Rails and fittings of EVRAZ ZSMK (participant of REC <Kuzbass>) awarded the golden Quality Mark of the XXI century

The fittings of the Au500SP class and the railway rails R65 of the DT350 category became laureates of the competition "All-Russian Brand (III millennium). Quality mark of the XXI century". Both types of products received a positive assessment of the expert commission. As a reward – gold quality marks of the XXI century.

EVRAZ ZSMK participated in this competition for the first time. Wide-gauge rails of type R65 of the DT350 category are designed for general-purpose railway tracks. Rebar rolled products of the Au500SP class with a four-row arrangement of transverse ribs have increased adhesion to concrete. While maintaining the strength characteristics, the profile is characterized by low metal consumption, much lighter compared to analogues.

The same type of rails and fittings in 2020 became the winners of the contest "100 Best goods of Russia".

The national program "All-Russian Stamp (III millennium). The Quality Mark of the XXI Century" is a long-term project aimed at promoting high-quality goods, services and advanced technologies to the Russian market, solving import substitution problems. Within the framework of the competition, an examination of products, services and advanced technologies is carried out according to quality criteria. The quality mark of the XXI century has four degrees: bronze, silver, gold, platinum. The competition is supported by the Government of Russia and the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. Winning the competition gives the right to label products with the appropriate sign.

source: https://xn--m1acy.xn--p1ai/en/news/relsi-i-armatura-evraz-zs-k-uchastnik-noc-kuzbass-udostoeni-zolotogo-znaka-kachestva-hhi-veka1642099983