Rospatent registers regional brand "Made in Kuzbass"

The new trademark "Made in Kuzbass" was registered by Rospatent at the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Kemerovo region. The regional brand will mark high-quality products of local producers to stimulate consumer demand.

Registration of the trademark "Made in Kuzbass" in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property has been completed. Assigning a regional brand will be based on objective laboratory tests of a specific product, as well as on confirmation that the manufacturer has met the localization requirements, " the ministry said, adding that only those enterprises that produce products in Kuzbass and use local raw materials for this will be able to brand their products with a new sign.

The State Regional Center for Standardization and Metrology of Testing in the Kemerovo Region will make decisions on assigning a brand to a commodity producer. The regional authorities, for their part, will work to promote the "Made in Kuzbass" brand, which can be assigned to both food and non-food products.

"Placing the regional brand" Made in Kuzbass " on the product will form the consumer's mindset that these products are of high quality. As a result, demand will increase, production volumes will increase, which will have a positive impact on the regional economy," the ministry added.

source: https://xn--m1acy.xn--p1ai/en/news/rospatent-zaregistriroval-regionalnii-brend-sdelano-v-kuzbasse1614249161