Rostelecom signs agreement with Kuzbass flagship university


Alexey Mikhailov, Director of the Kemerovo branch of Rostelecom, signed an agreement with Alexander Prosekov, Rector of KemSU. The leaders agreed to work together in terms of innovative development of projects of the world-class scientific and educational center "Kuzbass", as well as to cooperate in the development of high-tech technologies in the field of mining and processing of minerals. Cooperation will allow the digital operator and the university to create joint working groups and commissions, conduct mutual consultations, exchange information and offer innovative solutions for Kuzbass enterprises.

- Rostelecom is actively developing its competencies in the field of information technologies for business. We are confident that our services and knowledge will be useful both in the scientific activities of the university and in the work of industrial enterprises in Kuzbass. The agreement will allow us to build this cooperation in the most effective way, " said Alexey Mikhailov, Director of the Kemerovo branch of Rostelecom.

PJSC Rostelecom holds a leading position in the market of high-speed Internet access and pay-TV services. The number of broadband service subscribers exceeds 13.5 million, and Rostelecom's pay TV service has 10.8 million users, of which over 6.1 million are IPTV users. A subsidiary of Rostelecom, Tele2 Russia is a major player in the mobile communications market, serving together with Rostelecom more than 46 million subscribers and leading in the NPS (Net Promoter Score) index — the willingness of users to recommend the company's services.