RUSAL (industrial partner of the Kuzbass Research and Development Center) is among the TOP 10 most eco-friendly companies in Russia according to Forbes


The calculation was carried out in 4 areas: "Harm reduction", "Environmental policy", "Resource use" and"Expert assessment". The Forbes editorial board made several conclusions about RUSAL: the key source of energy for the company's plants is hydroelectric power plants — in 2019, the hydropower industry closed 98.3% of the energy demand. This helps UC Rusal produce aluminum under the ALLOW brand with a low carbon footprint. In 2019, UC Rusal received $1 billion in pre-export financing from a syndicate of banks — the interest rate is linked to the company's environmental performance.

The calculation methodology is American. It is used to compile the Just 100 rating, which reflects US corporations with the best ESG practices. ESG (English environmental – ecology, social – social development, governance – corporate governance) is one of the principles of responsible investment. This index tells you about the company's strategy, employees working conditions, and how the company cares about the environment.

The Just 100 rating provides an understanding of an eco-friendly company: it reduces emissions, makes rational use of natural resources, and introduces innovative practices and technologies. The same understanding is laid down in the new Russian Forbes rating.