The opening of the key educational space of the REC "Engineering of the Future" - "Schools of leading engineers (Principal Engineer)" took place.

The Boiling Point of Samara University served as a platform for this. The moderator was Dmitry Sanatov, Deputy director of the Foundation "CSR "North-West", head of the head office.

On the first day of training, Alexander Borisovich Fetisov, Executive Secretary of the Supervisory Board of the Scientific and Educational Center "Engineering of the Future", Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Samara Region and Director of the Department for Science and Education of the Skolkovo Foundation Alexander Davidovich Fertman addressed the participants with a welcoming speech.

A report on the activities of the world-class REC "Engineering of the Future" was made by Leila Salimovna Kurmanova, Ph.D., Director of Projects and Development of modern transport systems.
The Competence Development Center, created on the basis of the REC "Engineering of the Future", is an ecosystem for the formation of unique competencies that effectively solve the tasks of the industrial, innovative and research agenda of the world level and serves as a platform for launching educational projects, professional retraining and advanced training of employees of organizations participating in the REC "Engineering of the Future". Among the tasks of the center is to provide the best methods and practices in the field of solving specific business problems in order to achieve maximum economic effect.

The priority direction for the world-class REC Center "Engineering of the Future" is the development of technological, entrepreneurial, interdisciplinary, digital competencies.
Elena Yuryevna Tibina - head of the project direction of the CSR "North-West" presented the program of the School.

"School of Leading Engineers– is an educational program for the formation of a personnel reserve for the implementation of technological projects of the REC "Engineering of the Future". The training program was developed by the Foundation "Center for Strategic Research "North-West" taking into account the specifics of the activities of the participants of the REC.

During the training, the participants of the "School" will gain skills in managing scientific, technical and engineering projects and laboratories, opportunities for making the next career step, new contacts and connections both within the professional community and beyond.

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