EC "Engineering of the Future" has new partners


During a joint meeting of the Council and the Executive Committee of the regional branch of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, an agreement was concluded with the management company "Engineering of the Future".

This was a logical continuation of the recent speech by Olga Mikheeva, Adviser to the Governor of the Samara Region, CEO of the Engineering of the Future management company and winner of the Lawyer of the Year 2020 award at the Biometrics and Law Forum. It was about modern technologies, artificial intelligence... and cooperation with the best lawyers in the region.

We are proud to announce that our Center has new partners. We will work in several directions:

* a set of legal topics related to the aerospace field (creation of a Commercial Space Center and a Center for Experiments in Space);

* legal elaboration of issues related to the activities of the Association of World-class Scientific and Educational Centers and the methodological club under the leadership of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation;

* development of regulatory and legal regulation of the children's and youth scientific and educational center REC-junior;

* a project on "mentoring" for interested youth (representatives of industrial partners and the academic community will act as mentors), which will allow young inventors to participate in training launches and observe the behavior of materials in space;

* elaboration of the issue of organizing, together with the State Corporation Roscosmos, a competition for students of schools and universities to select the most interesting proposals for space experiments for young people.

We have a lot of plans, and we will definitely implement them!

All members of the Samara branch of the Association of Lawyers unanimously supported the initiative to create a committee at the Association, which will become a legal platform for solving all legal problems within the framework of the work of the "Engineering of the Future".

We also plan to involve colleagues from lawyers' associations in the participating regions of our REC (Ulyanovsk, Penza, Tambov regions and the Republic of Mordovia) in joint work.

We are sure that our cooperation will be productive and mutually beneficial!

After the event, Yuri Shevtsov, Chairman of the Council of the Association of Lawyers of Russia of the Samara Region, Deputy Chairman of the Samara Provincial Duma, provided his exclusive comment.

Yuri Shevtsov on the signing of the agreement between "AYUR" and "Engineering of the future":

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