Scientists of the Eurasian REC have developed pandomats "Tabigat", which differ favorably from their analogues


Scientists of the Bashkir State Agrarian University, a member of the Eurasian REC, together with the company Agrotekhservis LLC, developed a project to introduce the Tabigat system of pandomats designed for collecting PET bottles, glass and aluminum cans.

The "stuffing" of the device was created by the head of the Department of Mathematics of the Agrarian University Ildar Badretdinov. BASHGAU is also responsible for scientific support of the project.

- The idea came at the end of January 2021, we studied all analogues of foreign and domestic manufacturers, identified their shortcomings. In the development, we tried to eliminate the disadvantages of existing structures, " says Ildar Badretdinov.

One of the main drawbacks is that most vending machines work on the principle of reading a barcode, which often leads to errors. In Tabigat pandomats, the process is controlled by a "smart robot". If a foreign object is placed in the receiver, the mechanism will return it back through the corresponding window.

Tabigat compares favorably with its predecessors. Engineers managed to achieve increased reliability, lower energy consumption, safety and environmental friendliness. A significant advantage is the affordable cost compared to similar devices for collecting recyclables. Today, the device has been developed for schools, shopping and entertainment facilities, and there is also a street version.

The first experimental device was demonstrated at the Environmental Forum, which was held from March 10 to 12 in the capital of Bashkortostan. Today in Russia, pandomats are produced by 4 companies, vending machines are becoming more and more popular.