Scientists of Kemerovo Medical University (participant of the REC "Kuzbass") investigate the role of microflora in maintaining human health

The staff of the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Virology of Kemsu are engaged in research in the field of human microflora. The main goal of the research is to develop personalized approaches to improving human health and improving the quality of life of patients with diseases such as, for example, HIV infection and tuberculosis.

Kuzbass microbiology scientists have become holders of a patent for the technology of obtaining a substance that stimulates bifidobacteria of a particular person.

Another patent secures the copyright for the technology of obtaining exopolysaccharides of normal microflora to the scientists of Kemsu. The scientists' developments are aimed at finding new biological substances that can become the basis of modern antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immunocorrecting drugs.

Currently, the connection of microbiota with a large number of diseases has been proven: with the development of rectal cancer, diabetes mellitus and autoimmune diseases. According to scientists, it is beneficial bacteria that can support human health, thereby reducing the risk of a number of pathologies.

source: https://xn--m1acy.xn--p1ai/en/news/uchenie-kemerovskogo-medicinskogo-universiteta-uchastnik-noc-kuzbass-issleduyt-rol-mikroflori-v-podderjanii-zdorovya-cheloveka1642065157