Scientists of Perm Polytechnic University with colleagues from MGUPP have developed an intellectual adviser for training operators of industrial cranes

Scientists of Perm Polytechnic University (PNRPU, participant of the REC "Rational Subsoil Use") and the Moscow State University of Food Production have developed an advisory system for a simulator on which operators of industrial cranes form work skills. The development will help to increase the speed of operators, reduce the costs of enterprises and the risk of emergencies.

– During the movement of goods in production, the professional skills and experience of the operator are extremely important. It is possible to get them with the help of a special training complex that simulates the operation of real equipment. Currently existing simulators allow you to physically control the levers, while the operator uses only his knowledge and skills. We have developed an "intelligent assistant" that will be able to tell a person what actions will be most effective," says one of the

developers, Associate Professor of the Department of Information Technologies and Automated Systems of Perm Polytechnic University, Candidate of Technical Sciences Ivan Polevshchikov.

Scientists have developed models and algorithms based on which the gym complex "advises" the necessary actions. Recommendations are displayed on the operator's screen and updated in real time. To calculate the optimal process parameters, the simulator takes into account the specifics of the technological process, equipment characteristics and other important factors. This data can be adjusted.

According to scientists, the application of the development in the process of training future operators will improve their sensorimotor skills, which will help to perform work efficiently and safely. According to their calculations, the "intelligent assistant" will allow performing operations up to 40% faster. This, in turn, will help to save up to 30% of enterprises' electricity costs and reduce

the risk of accidents is up to 50 %

Scientists have conducted more than 1000 experiments to achieve high quality of the model. Now they are implementing the algorithm in the form of a C# program in the Unity environment in order to implement it into a computer gym complex.

– The use of the "simulator" will reduce the cost of training operators and at the same time create an environment close to the game. To apply the development in production, it is necessary to integrate an "intelligent assistant" into the crane control system and supplement it with an information and measurement subsystem to assess the current condition of the load, cable and crane components. Then

the development will be able to provide advising solutions for the most efficient execution of technological processes," the researcher notes.

The development can be implemented in industries where cranes are used to move goods.

The research was carried out within the framework of the Strategic Academic Leadership Program "Priority-2030" and corresponds to the direction

"Digitalization and robotization of production and services" of the Perm REC.

The scientists published the results of their work in the journal "Engineering Bulletin of the Don" (2022).

source: https://xn--m1acy.xn--p1ai/en/news/uchenie-permskogo-politeha-s-kollegami-iz-gupp-razrabotali-intellektualnogo-sovetchika-dlya-obucheniya-operatorov-promishlennih-kranov1658916161