Eurasian REC member universities held a number of important meetings at Skoltech

The goal is to expand cooperation in the implementation of joint projects carried out within the framework of the Eurasian REC.

In the first week of the spring month, the UGNTU delegation presented its developments and plans for development in the field of digital technologies at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. UGATU also held talks on cooperation in the field of additive technologies.

Representatives of the UGNTU IT Institute told their colleagues from Skoltech about their research on digitalization of electricity supply and research in the field of artificial intelligence, presenting works on predictive analytics and "digital twins" in the fuel and energy sector.

Skoltech scientists, in turn, presented their digital technology activities to the delegation of Oporto Neftyanoye and showed a number of IT centers and laboratories, including the Zhores super computer and the Internet of Things and 5G Technologies laboratory.

At the meeting, UGNTU and Skoltech agreed to cooperate in several areas at once: Skoltech specialists were attracted by the opportunity to participate in the basic oil project on machine learning in the field of diagnostics and assessment of the technical condition of industrial equipment. The delayed coking units attracted particular interest from Skoltech scientists, who invited their colleagues to join the digital study of oil composition – this work can be carried out in the interests of Bashneft.

Scientists of the Aviation Technical University visited the additive manufacturing laboratory of the Skoltech Center for Design, Manufacturing and Materials, where they discussed the possibility of using unique research competencies and advanced laboratory equipment in the implementation of developments of USATU specialists , in particular, in the field of creating parts for aerospace equipment with world-class characteristics.

The second topic for discussion was a joint project of Ufa Aviation University and Skoltech on integrated photonics. The USATU delegation got acquainted with the capabilities of the Skoltech photonic Integrated Circuit fabrication laboratory. Representatives of USATU were particularly interested in the unique equipment for conducting experimental research in the frontier areas of photonics, including biophotonics.

Ufa universities also discussed the launch of joint master's degree programs with Skoltech, the first enrollment in such a dual program will take place this year.

source: https://xn--m1acy.xn--p1ai/en/news/universiteti-uchastniki-evraziiskogo-noc-proveli-ryad-vajnih-vstrech-v-skoltehe1616151616