At the Medical University NEFU started creating an import-substituting cosmetic product using plant raw materials from Yakutia

The Medical Institute of the Northeastern Federal University is developing the composition of a cosmetic care product for people with problematic skin prone to allergic reactions and atopic dermatitis. A feature of the emollient creams will be the use of natural vegetable raw materials from Yakutia.

Emollients are cosmetics with natural ingredients that soften and moisturize the skin. They make up for the lack of moisture, strengthen the water-

the lipid barrier of the skin. The problem of skin deterioration is especially relevant for residents of Yakutia who live in a sharply continental climate, when the temperature in winter reaches -50 degrees Celsius.

The project was submitted to the business accelerator "24 steps" and was among the 12 finalists. With the departure of foreign companies, the choice of creams with emollients has become less, in addition, buyers are deterred by their high price.

"There are few such creams produced in Russia. Our main goal is import substitution of the departed companies. The uniqueness of the product is that we will

to create goods based on Russian and Yakut raw materials," emphasizes one of the developers, Diana Roeva.

Prospective buyers will be people with sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions, with atopic dermatitis and those who often come into contact with household chemicals…

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