The best Russian and foreign practices will be introduced into the scientific and educational complex of Bashkortostan

A strategic session "Transfer of the best Russian and foreign practices to the scientific and educational complex of the Republic of Bashkortostan" was held in Ufa.

The session was organized by the Management Company of the Scientific and Educational Center of the Republic of Bashkortostan together with the Higher School of Economics.

Building an effective partnership between science, education and business in order to implement breakthrough technological projects of the Eurasian REC was the main topic of the event.
The participants of the strategic session were heads of universities and scientific organizations implementing strategic development programs, as well as representatives of the executive authorities of the republic.

"The processes of transformation of science and education have been launched in the republic. And our goal is to adopt practices and learn from the best. Today we are working with experts from the Higher School of Economics. We already have preliminary results of such interaction. We understand what projects need to be launched - and, as an example, the introduction of a service in the region to search for best practices on the example of the platform of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives "Smarteca". We have agreed with HSE experts that we will create such a center on the basis of one of our universities with methodological support from the Higher School of Economics," said Ruslan Kazykhanov, Adviser to the Head of the Republic of Belarus on Science.

The session participants noted that the curatorship by the research university will enable regional science not only to get the right vector of development, but also, with the transfer of best practices, to accelerate the receipt of practical results.

"Such events give an opportunity to look at ourselves from the outside and take a fresh look at the decisions we make. Sometimes this look does not really like itself. In our current work, we often forget about the need to respond to the global challenges of our time," commented the rector of BSMU Valentin Pavlov.

Within the framework of the strategic session, modern trends and practices of academic and educational leadership were discussed, experts laid the foundation and gave recommendations on the formation of an expert analytical center (think tank) in Bashkortostan to support the scientific and technological development of the region.

"We see that significant transformational changes are taking place in the republic and federal projects in the scientific and educational complex are being successfully implemented. These are the creation of a world-class Eurasian REC, the participation of republican universities in the Priority-203 program and the creation of an interuniversity student campus. Now it is very important that universities give a definite response to these changes taking place within the territory and be active in the regional and federal agenda," said Natalia Ryazantseva, Director for Interaction with Regions at the HSE.

At the final plenary session, the participants of the strategic session presented their project proposals for networking between universities, research centers and technology companies for the successful implementation of the main trends in science and education. In particular, in order to increase the interest of small enterprises to interact with research teams, the participants proposed the introduction of such support tools as the expansion of regional benefits and the introduction of grant support to such teams. The participants also made proposals for the creation of scientific and innovation platforms and scientific and technical marketplaces - a list of the instrument base that universities and scientific organizations in the region have for more effective cooperation between science and business.

For reference:
The Agency for Strategic Initiatives is a Russian autonomous non-profit organization established by the Russian Government to implement a set of measures in the economic and social spheres. In particular, to promote priority projects, implement measures to improve the business environment in Russia, and develop professional personnel.

Smarteca is a platform of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, a service for finding best practices in various industries to solve socio-economic problems.
Smarteka is designed for leaders of change: heads of regions, management teams and all caring people who are changing the life around them for the better.

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