Perm has developed an installation for generating heat and electricity from old car tires

Perm Polytechnic University scientists have created a new way of recycling used car tires, which allows you to generate thermal and electrical energy, while minimizing negative emissions.

In Russia, more than 850 thousand tons of rubber-based waste are generated annually. Recycling of car tires using traditional methods requires high energy costs. The search for answers to national and global challenges for the environment is the task of the direction "Ecology and security of territories" of the Perm REC. Therefore, environmentalists of Perm Polytechnic University have proposed a method of processing rubber, in which waste is thermally treated at temperatures of about 500 ℃. This technology does not require additional energy consumption and preliminary preparation of tires, but allows you to obtain valuable resources - pyrolysis gas, liquid fuel and carbon material that can be used to generate heat and electricity. On average, the method will produce 2.5 cubic meters of gas from 1 kg of raw materials.

- Non-combustible components and carbon dioxide, which are formed as a result of the process, we "neutralized" on a special installation. It includes sorption filters filled with synthetic zeolite and modified natural mordenite, which act as a molecular "sieve". They effectively absorb harmful substances, and only safe gas enters the environment," explains Irina Glushankova, scientific supervisor of the developer, Professor of the Department of Environmental Protection at Perm Polytechnic University, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

During processing, the gas passes through the compressor unit, condensers and separators, which makes it possible to neutralize some of the harmful components. Then it is purified from sulfur compounds and dried, at this stage zeolite and modified natural mordenite are used. These substances help to clean gases quickly and efficiently. Perm Polytechnic scientists have also upgraded an industrial tire recycling plant, which has reduced energy and economic costs.

Electrical and thermal energy can be obtained using installations, the type of which is chosen based on the needs of enterprises. For example, microturbine installations will be used effectively for small production or residential buildings, and gas turbine mini–CHP plants will be used at larger enterprises, the researchers believe.

The developers published the results of the study in the journal "Transport. Transport facilities. Ecology".

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