A new scientific and educational project "REC Lecture Hall"has been launched in the Republic of Bashkortostan

On April 6, the second online lecture will be held, where we will try to unravel the "Martian Secrets"

What do you learn?

Despite the fact that Mars is the most studied planet in the Solar system after Earth, many unresolved questions and mysteries remain.

Only since the beginning of this year, three spacecraft launched by the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates have reached Mars. The fourth planet continues to attract the attention of scientists around the world.

The main question that interests not only astronomers, was there life on Mars? Scientists believe that if there was life on the red planet, it was about 4 billion years ago, when there was still water.

We know for sure that there were floods on Mars, as well as rivers and lakes. Where did they go? Why do dust storms occur on Mars, and how long do they last? Where did the huge reserves of ice come from? When will humans be able to fly to the red planet and what are the chances of earthlings settling on it in the future, or will Mars be populated by robots?


Professor Anton Ivanov will talk about the latest achievements in the exploration of Mars, as well as Skoltech's participation in space programs.

Anton Ivanov-Director of the Skoltech Space Center, Professor. In 2000, he received a PhD in Planetary science from the California Institute of Technology. He worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA JPL), where he participated in the Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, Mars Express and Mars Science Laboratory projects. He was engaged in research at the Space Center of the Swiss Higher Polytechnic School in Lausanne (EPFL). He participated in the CubETH and Astrocast projects, and led the preliminary design for the CHEOPS satellite. The center, which Anton directs at Skoltech, is engaged in strategic development of new-generation space systems.

How do I become a lecturer?

To become a listener of the online lecture hall, you need to register using the link: http://nocrb.ru/lecture .

You will receive a link to the broadcast of the lecture one day before the event to the email address specified during registration.

Target audience:

We invite schoolchildren, undergraduates, postgraduates, teachers, scientists, as well as anyone who is interested in acquiring new knowledge and wants to "touch science" to the "REC Lecture Hall".