Кемеровский «Азот» (индустриальный партнёр НОЦ «Кузбасс») открыл водородный цех, соответствующий современным экологическим стандартам

На кемеровском «Азоте» стартовали пусконаладочные работы в новом цехе по производству водорода из природного газа. Новый цех предназначен для получения водорода и дальнейшего его использования в технологическом процессе на производстве капролактама (полимер, из которого получают капрон).

The contract for the construction of a hydrogen production plant with a capacity of 25 thousand m3/hour was signed by KAO Azot and the German multinational chemical company Linde AG in 2018.
The installation has an automatic monitoring system for flue gas emissions from the reforming furnace.

"The company has been waiting for this event for 30 years. The production is equipped with modern high-tech equipment, with new jobs that require a completely different level of training. It is important that technologies that meet all environmental standards will be used here, " said Governor Sergey Tsivilev.

The launch of the new production will create 22 modern workplaces, will allow decommissioning outdated, economically inefficient and inferior to the new level of safety for personnel and environmental impact devices.

The equipment for the hydrogen plant was manufactured in different countries of the world. In total, about 1,700 tons of materials and equipment were delivered to the site.

For reference. Linde AG's technology corresponds to the level of the world's best hydrogen production. The equipment of this company has a number of advantages, among the main ones-a high degree of flue gas purification, high automation, a high degree of gas conversion for hydrogen extraction, the autonomy of production.

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